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Borealis Cascais 300m Diver Watch

Discussion in 'Member Introduction' started by slntdth93, Jun 16, 2017.

  1. slntdth93

    slntdth93 Apprentice WIS

    Out of curiosity, has anyone received a watch with a blemished hand? I've noticed the seconds hand on mine is very scuffed up in several lighting conditions :(

    Apparently this is not a defect after chatting with them, and it doesn't sound like they'll do anything about it

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  2. slntdth93

    slntdth93 Apprentice WIS

    Not sure what happened to my post, but I'll post it again:
    Does anyone else have an issue with the finish on any of the hands of the watch? My seconds hand is pretty scratched in quite a few lighting conditions - but I've contacted them via email and they say its normal.
    I've tried the trick up top to reverse the pin and seems to make the pin stay in place. Apparently I missed the survey window to ask for a smaller bracelet, so this will either go on a strap, or I guess I need to buy a new clasp

    Definitely upset that apparently the watch I get is the watch I get, and the issues aren't being recognised :(

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