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What is your favourite Micro Brand (Borealis aside)

Discussion in 'Boutique - Micro Brand Forums' started by Borealis Watch Admin, Nov 24, 2014.

  1. lever escapement

    lever escapement Master WIS

  2. Millbarge

    Millbarge WIS

    i think the Tempest Viking, with the Super Dome, has one of the best side profiles of any watch i have ever seen... the way the curve of the dome perfectly matches the curve of the case... just amazing... overall the watch is a bit too big for me... but as a piece of art it is great.
  4. Another Benarus Meg added also here are a few other brands boutique brands in my watch stable . collage 3.jpg
    H20 and Helberg
    collage 2.jpg collage 1.jpg
  5. CHANT


    My favorite micro brand is the Hong Kong based Dagaz . I am currently a proud owner of their "Aurora" dive watch.

    A review of this watch can be found via the following hyperlink to the Worn and Wound website:
  6. hanuman69

    hanuman69 Perfect Apprentice WIS

    My favorite micro-brands, besides Borealis, :
    1) Magrette
    2) Stuckx
    3) Crepas
    4) Obris Morgan
    5) DeepBlue
    and Orsa but is dead.....
  7. Gabe

    Gabe Perfect Apprentice WIS

    My favorite (besides Borealis)
    1) Obris Morgan
    2) Prometheus
    3) Magrette
    4) Melbourne Watch Co
  8. MFtime

    MFtime Perfect Apprentice WIS

    Well if I had to pick micro's outside of Borealis they would be in no particular order:
  9. Girolamo

    Girolamo Master Apprentice WIS

    Obris Morgan, tactico by Crepas...
  10. imbiton

    imbiton Apprentice WIS

  11. Neptune

    Neptune Apprentice WIS

    I have to give kudos to Aevig, a Dutch micro-brand, with unique designs:


    And to Melbourne Watch Company, also unique:


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