22mm shoulderless springbars


Master Apprentice WIS
Brand new, 316 th SS. 22mm x 1.78 mm spring-bars, .09 tip end (hole size)

Will fit most 22mm lug width watches with drilled lugs ** let me know what watch you have and I might be able to assist you.

** Please note that shoulderless springbars extend into the lug holes all the way to the hole end for watches with drilled lugs, as compared to tradition flanged springbars that have about a 64th of an inch or less of tip end to hold your watch on your wrist ! !

FITS 22mm lug width WATCHES Such as: Armida, Sinn, Precista, Benarus, Borealis.

**Sizing Tip: If you use a standard paperclip to try on your watch lug holes, if it fits they are .90

** NOTE: I will also have 5 of the 1.0 mm tip end size @$10 for 5