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Borealis Watch Company in cooperation with Diver’s Watches Facebook Group, which was founded in 2011 and is nowadays the largest watch group with over 38,000 members, is happy to announce the re-launch of an iconic watch series, the 2018 Borealis ‘Estoril’.

The Borealis ‘Estoril’ is heavily inspired from classic military diver watches developed in the 1960’s and built with 21st century technologies.

This special edition of the Borealis ‘Estoril’ is a limited edition of a total of 300 serialised pieces featuring two dial color options [black and blue], two versions [date and no-date] and two distinct lume compounds [super luminova white lume and super luminova ‘old Radium X1’], making it a total of 16 possible dial combinations.

The DW ‘Estoril’ will be the only ‘Estoril’ issued by Borealis in 2018.

The watch is powered by a Miyota Cal. 9015 automatic movement, manufactured by Citizen Miyota in Japan, has 24 jewels and beats at 28,800 bph.

Total pre-order price: $430.00 USD plus shipping. To all customers in the European Union, VAT is to be added*. Confirmation deposit: $100.00 USD (+ VAT for European Union customers*). The remaining balance of $330.00 USD (VAT to be added to European Union customers*) plus shipping is to be paid when watches are ready.

Expected delivery date: mid-April 2018, though unforeseen delays may occur during the production process Limited-time offer:

To all pre-orders placed during November we will offer a free 20mm rubber strap in black or blue (according to variant pre-ordered). DW will also include a free DW polishing cloth for all November orders.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR EU BUYERS, REGARDING VAT: *Unless you are a VAT-registered company, in which case please contact us via email if that is your case, for payment arrangements.

To reserve your watch and place your pre-order, please click on this link:

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Hi Carlos,

Yes, I came across these beauties on IG by chance, and have already mentioned about it in WUS !
They have already generated quite a bit of interest ...

A couple of questions, is the shade of Blue as in these renders, or darker, as in the original Estoril ?

Also, will you be making these bracelets available in future, to previous owners of the Estoril ?

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The blue on this version is totally different of the first version as well as lume used. Also we have an improved bezel system that can be removed from case.

Bracelets will be offered later on at store once watches are in stock.
Thanks for that info, Carlos !

Yes, that's great to know ...

I was aware of the new lume, the White Lume and Old Radium X1, but the bezel and new colour too sounds great !

After much hunting around for suitable bracelets for the earlier Estorils, it's good that these will be made available ...

Please ensure they can be sized for smaller wrists !!! :) :) :)

What type of clasp will these bracelets have ?

Thanks !



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I'm ecstatic that the bracelet will be offered separately, the Watch Gecko oyster I have on my V1 is adequate but having proper fitted endlinks and it being Prez style will be awesome!


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The bracelets may be offered also seperately, but are included in the pre order price of 430 USD (ex VAT) as i understand.


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I love my Estoril, I went to great lengths to find a bracelet that would fit that watch, it's great that the new bracelet will be made for sale for people with the Mark 1 Estoril to purchase. Thank you Borealis!

Regarding the new bezel that can be removed from the case - do you think it will be possible to get the factory to make extra bezels during the next production run so we can buy replacements should something happened. Or perhaps buy an additional bezel as a spare at time of ordering?


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Bezels are not interchangeable with V1
No, but I was wondering about for the new V2 model. Will it be possible to make additional ones during the production run so we have spares available for our new V2 Estorils? Or maybe if there was enough demand for this you might consider it, I'm sure some others here may be thinking a similar thing.

The new Estoril will look fantastic on the bracelet, here's my V1:
Front 2_rsz.jpg

I realize it's probably late in the game with regard to your Facebook friends, but would you please consider dropping the DW logo from the dial, and replacing it with the original script "Estoril 300". IMHO, the association with the DW Facebook group and the LE status of the piece is adequately represented by the unique caseback, and the change would show more proper deference to the original classic.
Respectfully submitted,
Ed P.


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Today I placed the order for the Esotil no date old lume 3-6-9-12 dial and it's my first Borealis watch !

Please Carlos make available for normal sale also the spare bezels, they can be really useful !


As for "super luminova white lume", it seems to be a new type of lume I'm not familiar with. Does it mean it will look white in the dark?

I understand that BGW9 look blue and C3 look green, in the dark. And longevity of BGW9 is better, though C3 is the brightest of all lumes initially. Can someone share his/her insight of this new "super luminova white lume"?

Thanks. :)
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