Seiko Instruments Inc. (SII) VK Premium Chronograph Series

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SII has released for some time their VK Chronograph Series, namely models VK61, VK63, VK64, VK67, VK68, VK73 and VK83 series.

They are a hybrid meca quartz movement. The quartz is used for operating watch and a mechanical module for the chronograph. Movement size is of 13 1/2''' and total height of 5.10mm. Battery life is of 3 years (SR936SW).

We can find here configuration display of them.







Seiko uses this movement namely the VK63 labeling it as 6T63 calibre and can be found for instance in the Seiko SSB025 meca quartz chronograph.

We can see in this video the chronograph operation in action

I could see some interesting projects using the VK61, VK63, VK64, VK73 and VK83 movements.

What are your thoughts in terms of hybrid movements, specially meca quartz chronographs in terms of purity of mechanical watches?

lever escapement

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That VK64 is screaming for a Panda dial!

The VK61 and VK67 would look well in a bullhead chronograph!

Also the VK61 would give a very nice IWC Portuguese homage!


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There are actually quite a few companies cashing in on higher priced vintage style racing chrono's powered by the VK63/64


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I'd love to see a watch in the same vein as the Autodromo Prototipo and Straton Curve-Chrono(both SII VK mecaquartz powered). Straton also offers an automatic NE88 powered version as well, which would be cool for a special/limited edition.