Who makes the best Panerai homage

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Master WIS
As I like leather and Panerai watches (but no money to get one) please share the best Panerai homages there currently exist or existed in market (no replicas, only homage watches).

They can be both hand wind or automatic watches (no quartz please).

Thanks in advance.
for the best panerai homages, you should check out 'homageforum', you'll find hundreds of amazing homagers there

here are mine : radiomir & no-CG brass fiddy

those are DIY watches, i just love custom made stuffs

yes, i made those dials from scratch, designed, laser cut & painted, lumed it

pam homage cases are from parnis, all parts (dial, hands, movement) can be purchased from ebay

if you want a complete watch, you can check dievas & gruppo gamma

lever escapement

Master WIS
Thanks. I was looking for something more in the region of $100-$150.00 USD. Any thoughts?

I have found this list of Who Makes the Best Panerai Homage

List of Homage makers (In order of approximate cost):

RolingHK photobucket album - (Photobucket album only, select sections on left nav)
Low end PAM homage: $55 - $100 (approximate range - not all have prices)
Contact via: gotchawatch@yahoo.com

Getat Watch aka "Tat"
Low end PAM homages: $80-$130
Known for: Great handmade straps and will do custom work with parts on site. Super Luminova available.

MilitaryTime aka "Jackson"
Low end PAM homages: $70-$150+
Other Parnis homages (B&R, Uboat): $70-$100
Known for: Large selection, and options like sapphire or swan neck movements

Helenarou aka "M@r!n@ watch"
Low end PAM homages: $80-$150
B&R homages:$70-$80

Watch (that's the title on their website)
Low end PAM homage: $83 - $220
Other Parnis: $87 - $110
Large selection, have some other submariner homages as well.

aka Reed Tan
PAM homages: $200 (SGD 280)

Exclusive Watches

Currently on hiatus/site under construction www.homagewatch.com /can be reached through ............com
Mid-Range PAM homages:$150-$300+
Mid Range Rolex homages: $300

Davidsen aka "DSN"
Parts available:http://s240.photobucket.com/albums/ff85/james123chen/
Contact for purchase: davidsenjp@yahoo.com
High end Swiss PAM homages:$400++
Known for: handbuilt watches and top notch parts, custom work available

High end PAM homages:$400++
Known for: handbuilt, high end, custom pieces

High end PAM homages:$400+

RXW aka "RockX"
Ultra high end PAM homages: $1k (Beware of FAKES!)

Do you recommend any of this ones or do you know others besides them?



Master WIS
for the best panerai homages, you should check out 'homageforum', you'll find hundreds of amazing homagers there

here are mine : radiomir & no-CG brass fiddy

These look great, I've built a couple myself... I'd love a custom dial for my latest, a 47mm Radiomir, suggestions?