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    Pre-Order Borealis Scorpionfish V2

    Borealis Scorpionfish V2 pre-order opening soon. Very limited quantities available with deliveries around end of October.
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    Pre-Order Borealis Adraga stainless steel powered by a Miyota 9015

    Borealis Adraga Stainless Steel Miyota 9015 Pre-Order We are pleased to announce that the pre-order of the Borealis Adraga stainless steel powered by a Miyota 9015 is now open. A total of 9 versions will be offered with a mix of date / no date versions, BGW9 / Old Radium X1 lume ...
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    Pre-Order Borealis Scorpionfish V2

    Pre-order for the Borealis Scorpionfish V2 will start soon. Available in black dial with date and no date versions powered by a Miyota 9015 movement. Watch specs: diameter excluding crown: 42mm BGW9 lume applied to bezel, dial markers and hands sandwich dial with applied markers 9015 Miyota...
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    Prometheus Zenobia for Divers Watches Facebook Group

    Introducing the Prometheus 'Zenobia' for Divers Watches Facebook Group. It pays tribute to the MS ZENOBIA, a Swedish-built Challenger-class RO-RO ferry that was launched in 1979 and capsized and sank on her maiden voyage in 1980 in the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of Larnaca, Cyprus. She now...
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    Borealis Sea Storm replacement bracelets

    It is now available in store replacement bracelets for the Borealis Sea Storm (fit the V1 and V2 versions). Limited quantities available.
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    Pre-Order Borealis Adraga in CuSn8

    Presentation of the Borealis Adraga made of CuSn8 solid bronze. The watch for all occasions. Specifications: Size: 40.50mmx48mm, 22mm lugs Movement: Seiko NH38 metal: bronze CuSn8 double domed sapphire crystal lume: available in C3 X1 and White luminova Dial colors: Black or fumed silver...
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    New premium 22mm Jungle Camo Rubber Strap in 22mm

    New and exclusive first quality affordable camo pattern real rubber straps now available in our store in 22mm. Be aware each strap has its own individual pattern...
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    Pre-Order Borealis Navale

    Borealis Navale . Design has been maturing for over a year. What can be told at this stage: Bronze CuSn8 case, PVD stainless steel insert lumed iwth C3X1, sandwich dial with C3X1, 22mm lugs, 42mmx49.70mm case size, sapphire crystal with A/R coating, Miyota 9015 movement .
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    Pre-Order Borealis Sea Storm V2

    Borealis Sea Storm V2. Pre-orders starting soon
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    Pre-Order Borealis Santa Cruz CuSn8 Automatic Diver Watch

    Would like to present you the Borealis Santa Cruz CuSn8 300m Automatic Diver Watch powered by a Seiko NH38 (no date) movement. The Borealis Santa Cruz 300m Automatic Diver Watch is powered by a Seiko NH38 No Date Automatic Movement and is inspired in vintage italian divers coupled with our...
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    Borealis Estoril Bracelets now available at store

    Bracelets for the Borealis Estoril are now available at store. They fit all Estoril versions.
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    Borealis 22mm premium green rubber strap is now in stock

    News flash: The premium Borealis rubber straps are now available in 22mm military green. Also black and blue 22mm are back in stock. You can purchase yours at our store
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    10 Year Anniversary: Prometheus Eagle Ray Diver Watch

    To celebrate our 10 years anniversary we are going to launch the Prometheus Eagle Ray. A synthesis of the most iconic diver watches made by Prometheus in the past decade.
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    Pre-Order Borealis Estoril V2 for DWFBG

    Borealis Watch Company in cooperation with Diver’s Watches Facebook Group, which was founded in 2011 and is nowadays the largest watch group with over 38,000 members, is happy to announce the re-launch of an iconic watch series, the 2018 Borealis ‘Estoril’. The Borealis ‘Estoril’ is heavily...
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    Pre-Order Borealis Portus Cale

    Borealis Portus Cale. Sexy lugs are back. Stay tuned
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    Pre-Order Prometheus Poseidon for OceanicTime Limited Edition

    Following up the partnership between Prometheus Watch Company and OceanicTime on the Prometheus Manta Ray LE we have partnered once again to release the Prometheus Poseidon 3500m OceanicTime Special Limited Edition. The 3500m Prometheus Poseidon for OceanicTime is an avant-garde diver watch...
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    Prometheus Watch Company Christmas Sale - 20% Discount

    Dear friends, Christmas is approaching and to celebrate it we are running a sale on specific items available at this link:!/Sale-Items/c/15542062/offset=0&sort=normal Minimum discount is of 20% and it is already included in price with...
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    Prometheus Poseidon Yellow - Pre-order soon

    Sharing with you something we have been working on the Prometheus Poseidon Yellow (to be offered in black and blue variants). Pre-order will start soon. Lume will be RC Tritec BGW9 and movement powering watch will be a Miyota 9015. Also plans on re-offering the Blue/Orange version.
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    Announcement: Price increases due to declining EUR currency exchange rate against USD and CHF

    As you may be aware Prometheus strives to offer customers the best quality for a fair price. As a result of this Mantra we have been able to pass savings to our customers and our prices decreased last year due to better deals with our suppliers and reduced logistics costs specially due to our...