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    Borealis Lisboa and Borealis Vicentina

    Borealis Lisboa and Borealis Vicentina OK. Some views but no replies (yet) to my first two watch suggestions and am back with a couple more. I guess that counts as insanity - doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. ;). But I'm retired, so have a fair amount of time on my...
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    Borealis Gincho or Borealis Nazare?

    Hi: Brand new here. Just posted my intro and am already 'audaciously' suggesting my ideas for new Borealis models. Well. No guts, no glory....;) Carlos, I was wondering if you’d consider naming a watch after that famous beach just north of Cascais? Guincho. If you’ve not been there, it’s...
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    Big fan of Borealis

    Retired two years ago and decided I needed a hobby. Not much into stamps but as ex-IT guy was intrigued by the precision and engineering that went into mechanical and automatic watches. Used to wear a square Seiko v700-5k30 (28mm!) back when I wore a suit in the 1990’s.. But, stopped when I...