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  1. JB Liguori

    Steinhart watches your opinion and got any?

    Sorry the guy was "CzechMate", waa
  2. JB Liguori

    Steinhart watches your opinion and got any?

    --- I try to get in that project "Thor" since the begining even my serial number "13" was still available, but the guy on charge "Uwe" never email me back, what an ass. The sign in for the project was ugly and I think you know that. Hope the watch comes OK.
  3. JB Liguori

    Borealis Scout Sniper 300

    Very nice looking, it has some of those old Russian cues
  4. JB Liguori

    think about creating a Borealis watch for the forum?

    -- Looking good, What about size?
  5. JB Liguori

    Poll: What do you prefer to wear on a watch?

    Love that LEATHER! fantastic looking, I wish can get something like that in Nato-Strap
  6. JB Liguori

    What is your favourite Micro Brand (Borealis aside)

    Very Blancpain and cool looking watch!
  7. JB Liguori

    Paypal Item disputes - Considering Not to Use Postal Services

    If the watches have serial numbers should put them as stolen and initiate a Police investigation hoping to catch these bad people.
  8. JB Liguori

    LG presents it's new SmartWatch

    They look neat and different than other smart watches
  9. JB Liguori

    Watch winders

    ------ I have 3 winders for several year now, never a problem, it has different setting, 3 for rotation and 4 I think for time of rotation. Versa at amazon
  10. JB Liguori

    Bullhead Chronograph Watches

    Great watches, my older brother used to own one of those Seiko's.
  11. JB Liguori

    Steinhart watches your opinion and got any?

    I have 2 of them and if I consider the Aramar (made by Steinhart) 3, just wish they were 40mm. they work fantastic, the Aramar is the most accuarte. STEINHART "OCEAN one Vintage Military" STEINHART "GMT-OCEAN 1 BLACK ceramic bezel" ARAMAR "ARTIC OCEAN II"
  12. JB Liguori

    Poll: What do you prefer to wear on a watch?

    Like the Nato straps, in leather and also in ballistic nylon. I modify them cutting the part goes under the back of the watch, like old single strips watch bands. Almost like this one.
  13. JB Liguori

    Tiger Vintage Style watch

    google "tiger concept"
  14. JB Liguori

    Tiger Vintage Style watch

    I have the Miyota 8215 and it work fantastic, the one I'm waring now is the 369 white marking. I can almost control the accuracy, in summer it may make a +2 of seconds, now in winter it's -2 seconds, but if I manually wind it can recuperate the 2 seconds lost. When I got it I put it in mywinder...
  15. JB Liguori

    OceanicTime ELLIOT BROWN Watches [from Animal to the Bloxworth and into the harbor]

    It look very cool, don't know about the size. I'm not a diver, just love divers but 40mm is my limit.
  16. JB Liguori

    Seiko MM or ML pontos s diver?

    Seiko all the way!!
  17. JB Liguori

    Which one of this diver watches would you choose (money aside)?

    for me one Grand Seiko Spring Drive Titanium SBGA031
  18. JB Liguori

    Diver Watches Featuring a Miyota 9015 Movement

    Very cool looking watch.