2nd Borealis Purchased


Apprentice WIS
Of course, it was via a forum, since these sell out so stinkin' fast, which is why I thought it a good idea to create an account--opportunities are being missed at the expense of customers. I'll get more into it, next post.

Anyway, had heard so much about Borealis, and purchased, via a forum, a Portus Cale. Worried it might be too small, since I have a 7 1/2 wrist, and I prefer to have larger watches in that 44mm-to-49mm range, but a lot has to do with L2L, thickness, Bezel thickness/Dial Diameter, color, etc. So, the White, Portus Cale works out great. Love it...didn't take it off for the first 3 days after it arrived, and I have 20 other watches to choose from.

So, I haven't been at the watch stuff too long, only really, since I retired from the Military, and had time on my hands (yes, I know...pun). I've always found watches interesting, but had other things to fill up my time...but now, with even MORE free time...I needed something more to occupy my interest that just my other 'hobbies;.

Well, after the success of the Portus Cale, and seeing a BNIB Borealis Sea Storm V2, Blue Dial with BGW9, I jumped on it. we'll see once it gets here, but with a diameter of 29mm, I should be GTG...it's when it get's down to 27 or less, that there's a problem.

Not much else to tell. Thanks for 'inviting me in'!!