Big fan of Borealis


Apprentice WIS
Retired two years ago and decided I needed a hobby. Not much into stamps but as ex-IT guy was intrigued by the precision and engineering that went into mechanical and automatic watches. Used to wear a square Seiko v700-5k30 (28mm!) back when I wore a suit in the 1990’s.. But, stopped when I got a phone that showed the time on the home screen.

With retirement, I needed to find reasons ‘not’ to look at my iPhone. Since, whenever I looked at the iPhone for the time, I usually would open it and surf…. Well, you get the idea. So, I had Batteries Plus toss a new battery in the old Seiko and remarkably, it still ran. Japanese engineering.

So, one thing lead to another and I began exploring the world of watches on YouTube, Ebay and other websites. And was hooked. I do have a retired guy's budget, so need to get good value for anything added to my 'huge' (grin) collection of seven watches. Got a couple Russian vostoks and have modded them with straps and bezels. A Russian Poljot Moscow dress watch with St George on the face. Just got a Seagull 1963 chronograph, which is beautiful.

So, why Borealis? It’s all about Portugal. Took my first trip to Lisbon and Cascais in 2016. Frankly, if you have not been to Portugal, you need to get there. The people are so kind and welcoming. The food is delicious but watch out for the sweet baked goods. 90% of the population speaks excellent English. Prices are about 30-40% less than Minneapolis. And, it’s on the ocean! It’s the California of Europe but feels like you’re in the 1950 or 60’s. I’ve visited 4 times and, this winter, have booked an Air-BB in Cascais for all of February and half of March. So, the plan is to avoid the worst of Minnesota winters – and have a little wine or a restaurant overlooking the ocean. Yes, I am thoroughly infatuated with Portugal.

So, I recently went looking for Portuguese watch companies and Borealis popped up Didn’t realize micro-brands even existed but am glad Carlos set up Borealis. Of course, I wished I hadn’t ’missed the boat’ on getting a Cascais v2 watch. Loved the pattern on the dial and having a watch with the name of my favorite Lisbon suburb on the face.... – although Estoril is special too. Unfortunately, I’ve a smaller wrist so a 39mm Borealis that trips my trigger will likely be what I would add to my collection.

So, I’ve signed up for the mailing list and looking forward to seeing what’s on pre-order that I might like.

Thanks for listening and happy to chat about Portugal any time you’d like.

Ted Wolfe