Pre-Order Borealis Adraga stainless steel powered by a Miyota 9015


Apprentice WIS
I just secured and pre ordered the blue version. My question is at this point in the game would the blue model possibly come with the commando hands as opposed to the Mercedes? Also, in regards the clasp. I looked but did not see so I wondered if there is a smaller version of the clasp? Like a 3 micro adjust as opposed to the standard one?


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No customization options are available on this pre-order. This is not a run of the mil clasp. Actually costs 3x more than a regular clasp.


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I nearly went for the blue, but could not resist the standard black one, because its the closest vibe to the Rolex Explorer I.

I have the Bronze Adraga with brown fumed dial already, and although its a great watch, it is often quite hard to read because of the gold hands and highly reflective dial.



Apprentice WIS
Carlos, any chance of a new batch of Adragas?
If so, is a 36mm case being considered?
And the Estoril model, any hopes for another batch?

I´m tired of loosing the chance of purchasing your watches...