Pre-Order Borealis Batial - Deep Diver 3000m CuSn8 Bronze Watch


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Just a little concerned about skin contact with the lug bottoms, a bubble case back, as mentioned in an earlier post would help remedy this issue.
Also the date window looks a bit out of place, as with my Helberg Bronzo, a no date dial may look best overall.

marc pixler

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just waiting to preorder all 3 incoming . really beautiful work being done at borealis.


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Yeah, as it was pointed out already, bubble caseback will prevent a wrist contacting the bronze parts.

Also, would there be a no date option?

Borealis Watch Admin

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Not wanting to sound rude as mentioned in first post no changes are going to be made in this project.
Case back won't be a problem from what we could see from 3D plastic printing and watch will wear nice on wrist.
We are already on quite advanced stages of prototype and watch will be sold as presented.
Watch looks amazing. Gimme gimme gimme pre-order link please!

P.S. 'Be aware design is not going to be changed and will be made as is' seems pretty clear to me Maria :)


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This looks great, very excited about this release! Can't wait to order and get this on my wrist!
I know you said no changes are to be made, but are you sure you cant change it to a 42mm case, high dome sapphire, date at 11pm, crown at 1:45, and tritium instead of luminova and while we are at it, make it quartz? I really think it'd be a winner that way.

No?.......ok, well on with the pre-order then!

Borealis Watch Admin

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Yes, the Batial will take less time to develop as it is all CNC made and we have already finalised most parts of prototype, specially the dial that took longer to develop due to the thick lume.

Borealis Watch Admin

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Because we listen and try to accommodate requests that won't cause delays on project going to offer both date and no date versions on the Borealis Batial 3000m CuSn8 Diver Watch.

Haha... The best Bronze buy i will ever have made. Great decsission to offer no date.

All I love:
Smooth dial with no date
3000 WR
Intense C3 Lume
Thick an Bronze

Now Im in, definetely
Good decision Maria. I like both versions but I know the date position was polarising.

A question : Are you likely to have prototypes to show when the preorder begins? Or will we be ordering based off renders?

I don't mind either way but it would be handy to see what the shade of green on the green option looks like in real life :)

Borealis Watch Admin

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Pre-order will start prior prototypes are ready. However if someone has made his pre-order before seeing samples it is possible for order to be changed to a different color.


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Quick question, Maria. Is the brown dial smooth? In other words, does the brown dial face not have the wave pattern like the other colors?