Pre-Order Borealis Batial - Deep Diver 3000m CuSn8 Bronze Watch

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Is the lume on the hands a different colour to the lume on the dial, or is it just a trick of the light?
I haven't received yet samples so hard to comment on that. However as this is a prototype it may be the case they do not match well as it is a different factory making dials and hands.

This are usually things that occur during prototype phase that have to be improved.

Also white balance of photo seems to be way off as the dial is the brown and looks not so brown in photo.


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Except for those (to be expected at prototype stage) colour mismatches, it's very promising!
I'm starting to feel the real impatience rising!
Looking good - glad I have one on order! Will be my first bronze - killer watch and specs for the price. I really enjoy following the progress on the Batial as well as the Seafarer II and Estoril 300. Thanks for posting the pics and updates Maria!


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Thanks for the update Maria, it is getting exciting as we get closer to production, but please reconsider the included strap.
A "Distressed" leather or canvas strap will match the design and bronze material of the Batial much better, and very well might increase buying demand, IMHO.
Thank you for listening.

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Thank you for the suggestion but that is not going to happen. We are already selling watch at a very low margin and what you are asking us is to decrease it even more. You can use a multitude of aftermarket 22mm leather straps with the Batial.


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Can we know the wrist size of the person whos wearing the watch? The watch appears to be quite big.
Enjoyed the Facebook pics of the Batial prototypes Maria - will you be posting those here too for those not on Facebook, or do you anticipate receiving the prototypes soon where you can take better pictures to post? Thanks!

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Prototypes of the Borealis Batial have arrived. Impressions are a lot better than initial expectations. Finish is great and only improvements to be made are minor such as lume in hands to be stronger and to match dials lume and the blue dial to be less dark as is it is almost black.

Now for some photos

Green dial with date

Thanks for the pics Maria - The Batial is looking great! With the changes you noted to improve lume strength/color on hands to match the dial and to slightly lighten the blue color (which is the dial color I have on order), it's looking like a definite winner!