Borealis Gincho or Borealis Nazare?


Apprentice WIS

Brand new here.

Just posted my intro and am already 'audaciously' suggesting my ideas for new Borealis models. Well. No guts, no glory....;)

Carlos, I was wondering if you’d consider naming a watch after that famous beach just north of Cascais? Guincho. If you’ve not been there, it’s magical, with great restaurants and views of families and surfers. Perhaps you could bring back a wave pattern for the face. Teal dial and/or bezel with sand colored leather straps? For those of us who are vertically challenged, a 39mm case would be the icing on the cake.

But if a ‘location watch’ needs to be tied to a city, suburb or village, then Nazare has to be in the running. With 100 foot waves to challenge the bravest of surfers, it’s such a Portuguese must-see. Also with beautiful people and great food. Again a wave pattern would make sense but colors could be all over the map, just like the colors of those surf boards being crushed by those mountainous waves. Maybe with a surfboard tip outline for the 12 marker?.

Thanks for listening,