Borealis Lisboa and Borealis Vicentina


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Borealis Lisboa and Borealis Vicentina

OK. Some views but no replies (yet) to my first two watch suggestions and am back with a couple more. I guess that counts as insanity - doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. ;). But I'm retired, so have a fair amount of time on my hands...

Borealis Lisboa
Since many of your watches are tied to locations, the capital city of Portugal would be a great candidate for a watch. Perhaps an elegant one that could be worn to a nice restaurant for dinner. But, Borealis should claim the rightful name for the capital city. In Lisbon, the Portuguese know the city as Lisboa. When spoken - the word sounds a little like a river flowing by with some wind. Beautiful. Not sure if the city name of Lisbon came from the Brits to make it sound a little like London, but a Portuguese watch company should be bold and use their capital city's proper name.

But what about the face. I'm not sure if this is doable. Lisboa is a city of Light. The sun shines all the time. It shines off the tiles underfoot and the Azulejo ceramic tiles on the buildings. Fantastic city views are seen each time you turn a corner.

Perhaps a skilled designer could subtly provide a watch face that gives homage to the Azulejo tiles by using some delicate pattern across the face. Perhaps with hints of the most well known landmarks of Lisboa - like the Christ the King (Cristo Rei) Statue across the river. Integrating an abstraction of a side view of Cristo Rei into an Azulejo pattern? Just an idea. Or there's also the classic tram 28? Need to be more subtle than this but perhaps the image can trigger something better. Or even a Azulejo seafood-ish image like the outline of part of a tiger prawn or sea barnacle from Lisboa restaurant?
tram 28.jpg
Thanks for listening.

Borealis Vicentina

And how about Vicentina. This is not a specific location. Well, there is the São Vicente church overlooking the Feira da Ladra (flea market) but I had a different idea. And St Vincent is the patron saint of Lisboa, which is good. But there is also a popular hiking trail called Rota Vicentina. It's along the coast in the Alentejo area south of Lisboa. Stunningly beautiful.

This would have to be a hikers watch. Since you could get caught in the rain with an hour until the end of the trail, a water-proof dive watch would be best. But, a hiker wants to know how long they have been hiking. So a chronograph dive watch with 3 sub-dials - second, minute, hour - would be perfect. Needs to be rugged since it could take a beating. Brass maybe with matt finish. Not sure if this one is a 'bridge too far' since you've not produced a chronograph watch to date, much less a diver chronograph.

But, it never hurts to ask. right?