Pre-Order Borealis Medusa 500m Lugless Diver Watch

Looking very interesting, Maria !

This is what I was wanting to see ...

The dials are looking really good, also with the sandwich cut-outs, and looks like there will be an Orange too !!!

Is that a HRV on the 9 o'clock ?

Looks awesome! Depending on price I might be ordering multiples (orange, white, and blue). If the price is more than I can swing for multiples it's gonna be tough to choose which one to go with....
Even though the dials and hands are looking really great, I still feel we need just a dash of colour somewhere to make these really pop ...

Maybe just the tip of the seconds hand, in yellow or red ?

Thoughts ?

Also would have liked to see a sample of the Blue dial.

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marc pixler

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We have been quietly working out details of the Borealis Medusa (redesigning it from scratch) and are now able to share with you some of it specs

Case diameter: 45mm, lug to lug 45mm, lug width 22mm, 500m water resistant, Miyota 9015 movement or NH35.

Thickness with 9015 movement: 12.50mm, thickness with NH35 13.50mm.
me like!!!!!! I'm in.
another photos sent by factory manager

prototypes should be ready in less than a month's time.

Oh man, Carlos, that Blue Medusa is really looking great !

This will be my 6th Borealis for sure... the no-date.

Now the problem, Blue or Orange ??? That Blue on a blue rubber, or the Orange on an orange rubber will look really good !

We will run a pre-order for the Medusa, yes. A couple of weeks after we receive the samples.
Thanks for your quick response. I am patiently waiting for the commencement of the Medusa preorder....

BTW, my Sea Storm preorder has been testing my limits for months now! :(


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Another beautiful design. The name of the watch should be on the watch face. Technical details such as water resistance etc. are better served on the back. I know that I have bull shark but have to remind myself of this sometimes. The latest Oris Aquis says so on the dial!
Would it not be better to show the different prototypes here, on the forum ?

It would provide a chance for more people to view them and decide, instead of only a limited number who might come across them otherwise ...

I am sure the interest has already been created here in this thread, and most are anxiously awaiting the prototypes.

I have seen a few on another forum, and like what I have seen so far, so was wondering why it was so quiet here, and on FB, regarding news on the Medusa !!!