Pre-Order Borealis Medusa 500m Lugless Diver Watch

I'm beginning to warm to the Medusa. Up til now, I've been put off by the apparent waste of real estate. With case overhanging the bezel, and the wide bezel, there's only a small amount of real estate left for the dial. And this is a 45 mm watch! However, I'm beginning to appreciate the case overhanging the bezel, since it functions both as a crown guard, and as a shroud of sorts, for the (nonexistent) lugs. I'm still not comfortable with the hands being chopped off square on the ends. I would prefer that they be a little wider, and come to a point, even if its a simple point like the Sea Storm hands. Anyway, that's my opinion on the Medusa. I'll be looking forward to the to the preorder, and if the price is right I'll probably make a Medusa my next Borealis! (To date, I have 1 Scout Sniper, 1 Bull Shark, 2 Scorpionfish, 2 Estoril, 2 Cascais, and 2 Sea Storm.)
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I found a review online about the blue Medusa. The reviewer had nice ideas, in order to improve the final product. I just wanted to mention them on this forum:

- Hands could be a bit thicker
- Date window could use a silver surround

I really like the idea of a silver surround around the date window. Would look more high-end.



SimonB ... I do agree that the hands should be thicker than those in the prototype pictures. However, it looks like to me that the hour hand should also be slightly shorter so that the tip of the hand points to the end of the indices (except the 12, 3, 6, & 9). The length of the seconds hand is perfect.

I really dig the sandwiched dial which gives it depth. I would likely go for a SS blue dial (no-date) version, if the Medusa makes it to production.

Also, I am not a fan of the clasp with the diver's extension as there is a substantial gap between the clasp and the bracelet which makes it look unrefined!
This is one of the reasons I had never used the bracelet on my Scorpionfish!

Any chance in getting the Medusa with the rubber strap only?


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I like the Medusa very much and would likely buy, depending upon the price. I do prefer it without the date. Right now I'm enjoying my Sea Storm!

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Some small adjustments made to the project most notably in hour, minute hands and addition of a silver framed window to date instead of a simple cutout.

The changes to the hands(slightly shorter and thicker) and to the date window, are a definite improvement!
I like the changes to the hands and date window - especially the hands - nicely done! And I think with the framed date window I would likely order a date model.


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Hi Maria / Carlos,

In another forum it was mentioned that the Medusa will once again be shelved ?
Can you please confirm this, and is this project no longer on ?
Was really looking forward to this watch, which homages the long gone vintage Aquadives ...
Really love the Blue.



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I cant believe that there wasn't enough demand for this watch. It's for the most part, unlike anything else on the market; besides a Seiko Tuna. And IMO, the Medusa looks better than a Tuna. This makes me sad. Lol

Thank you for the reply and info.

Only prototypes were made due to lack of demand.