Pre-Order Borealis Medusa 500m Lugless Diver Watch


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What are the plans to bring the Medusa to market. It's a gorgeous watch!
There are no plans. There was a lack of demand at presentation of prototypes so not going to happen. We are not going to produce 300 watches to sell 50.


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I know you all have been at this longer...much longer...than I, but from the responses I've seen in this thread, and the other Medusa thread, I think you have a winner here.

Borealis has an opportunity to be at the forefront in innovation with this design, and I would bet, just basing on the knowledge of how quickly just about ANY Borealis Diver model released has sold out, I think you may find the market more favorable this time around if you tried to re-introduce the Medusa, and send it on a Vlogger road-show. I'm not sure how renowned Borealis was back in 2016/2017 when it appears the Medusa was first introduced, but with the success of v1 AND v2 of the Sea Storm, along with the Portus Cale, I find it darn near impossible to believe that the Medusa would not sell out within weeks of introducing a pre-order on this.

I would MAYBE make 50 units in bronze, but the other 250 in SS, or how about titanium? The thing is, the Medusa opens up doors to those with 6-to-7 inch wrists, who would like to wear a 'bigger' watch, but due to anything that is 44mm or larger having a L2L of 50 or higher, can't, because the lugs hangover. but what about the Seiko Tunas, or Turtles, or Samurais that solve this problem?? Well, that's great for those that are fine with mineral crystals and bezels that don't illuminate (or align...).

I know--put my money where my mouth is, right? am I going to buy the remaining models that don't sell out? No, no I won't. But again, I'm fairly confident that if you leave the 'innovation' to just the design, and not the case material--meaning, stick with SS for v1, and if you have a hit, and sell out of the 50-to-100 bronze models, just make a v2, and make mostly bronze. I'm absolutely sure that it's a heck of a lot more difficult to design and market these than what I'm making it out to be; I'm sorry, I'm not trying to make it sound as if it's just a flip of the switch, and voila, you make, market, and sell 300 watches. But based upon recent success for the Borealis brand, I'm pretty sure these would be a hit. I certainly would purchase...especially if you put a Miyota 9015 or better movement in it.

I am humbly asking, as a Borealis customer, and fan, that you reconsider, and try to market these again. I don't know if it's possible, or if you think some slight changes may help, but keep the lug-less design--there are only one or two others like it out on the market. Throw a Miyota 9015, or Sellita SW200, sell it for $400-$500, depending (basically, undersell your competitors). I think you would find the Medusa to be a big hit.

But, if after all my pleading here, it doesn't happen, well, I'm sure another design will come down the pike that will be equally fabulous!

Thanks for your consideration!


I would be interested in the Medusa as well if it ever gets to the pre-order phase. It is a lovely watch. The design is fairly unique and it fits a wide range of wrist-size as well. With Borealis being a well-known and respected micro-brand, the Medusa will stand a much better chance of success this time around.