Christmas watch story...


Patriarch WIS
What about the story of your last purchase of a watch ? Christmas or not, birthday watch or solitary buy... What is the story of the last piece you are wearing or waiting for after an order ?

Here is mine :

Looking for my Christmas gift a few weeks ago and fond of diving watches, I found about Borealis on a French forum. Liked it and interested by the Sea Hawk specifications and design. Already had in mind and ready to order either Seiko Diver's (SKX0007J) or Seiko Monster new model ( SRP307j with 4r36) :


Finally, after registering on Borealis forum, participating and looking for informations, I preferred the Borealis Sea Dragon project and pre ordered it ! The one with silver/white dial :
Coming in June 2015, that's far but at least got a watch for my birthday in May.

Meanwhile, wanderings in local shops, had the occasion to try a few pieces, Longines and Tissot on sale in a little shop around the corner, Hamilton chrono and a few more of the brand a little further...

Missed the Longines hydroconquest chrono, sold just one hour after my first visit :

Came back with my wife to try remaining Tissot on sale and finally made a choice between those 2 :


And that's how I ended up with a very nice piece on my wrist on Christmas Eve :
Tissot teasing 25dec14.jpg

What's your story ?