Sold Item / Deal Closed FS Borealis Seafarer $300

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Master Apprentice WIS
No box or papers. Includes bracelet and all links.

Condition is very good. Minor marks from strap changes and regular wear. Nothing of note.

I've had some issues with the power reserve on occasion with the watch stopping overnight, never on the wrist. I never took it in to be serviced, I just wind it when I take it off for the night and have no problems.

One conversation indicated it could be a problem with the reversing wheel, others have suggested it just wasn't sufficiently wound. I can't say for certain if there is an issue or if it is simply user error, but I want full disclosure.

It keeps good time at +10 or so a day. Well within spec for the movement.

Pics are recent, Isofrane not included.


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Master Apprentice WIS

This is the only shot I have on the bracelet. I don't want to install it again, but I can take some shots of the bracelet off the watch if that is somehow helpful.

Here is one on an under sized NATO...


Random Letters

Master Apprentice WIS
Since I don't know if there is in fact an issue, I will refund the buyer up to $40 if it requires service. Only valid if sold for the asking price of $300.

$280 and you assume responsibility.

As I said, it keeps great time on the wrist.
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