OceanicTime H2O Watch Kalmar II 25000M TIMASCUS



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H2O Watch’s deep ocean dwelling, Kalmar II 25000M gets an incredible new look akin to its German squid (kalmar) namesake with its shifting colors.
Much like the chromatophores (cells that produce color) found on the skin of cephalopods, the group marine animals to which the squid (kalmar), cuttlefish, octopus and nautilus belong –
this new Kalmar II 25000M watch boasts an exotic exterior displaying a dazzling spectrum of color thanks to a specialized heat anodizing process.
Not only this but the Timascus that this depth defying diver is constructed from, was literally forged in the fires of hell!
Well, perhaps not hell itself but another type of inferno, the kiln that was used to forge the different grades of Titanium used to create Timascus.
The watch is offered with a choice of either black or gradient black to blue dials and is powered by a Swiss automatic mechanical movement.

In addition to its avant-garde exterior finish, the watch remains an incredible piece of German high-engineering.

It is AVAILABLE in very limited numbers, only. MSRP is 1’600euros.

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