My Seafarers are home!


Master Apprentice WIS
Thank you so much, Maria! These watches are like a dream come true to me. These Seafarers are everything I could ask from a tool diver. "Perfect" to my eyes.

This was my first choice from the beginning even if I was worried it might be "too loud" but I found it irresistible.


I had to get this one after seeing the green pop out of the black on prototypes and finding out that it was the only one with C3.

This one will get worn the most even if the blue/orange is more visually appealing to me.

Here's my first shoes swap

But then I switched to the Wearwatch leather I bought specifically for this one.

Looking forward to this canvas to arrive for it, just like it, but in 24mm.

And a dark grey canvas he's making with undecided stitching, so far, for the grey dial and black bezel coming.

If you like a chunky 44mm by 53mm diver, you might find your love on these ones but they're definitely not for everyone.

They're way better than I expected and I expected a lot. Like a baby between Kemmner Octopus and the Torpedo Orca I sold. (I don't miss)

Thanks for viewing !