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Innovating and guilt tripping its peers into creating high-tech watches with minimal environmental impact this is what Panerai’s Laboratorio di Idee has been working on for 2021; and the result is truly remarkable as it is eye-wateringly-expensive.
You know how they say “one man's trash is another man's treasure”; well if ever there was an example of that proverb ringing true – this has to be it. With 98.6% of recycled-based material by weight Panerai’s new Submersible eLAB-IDTM watch is the epitome of sustainable watchmaking – or is it?

Not only does the watch AKA PAM01225 boast the highest percentage of recycled-based material ever made, but damn –it looks good enough to eat –well at least slap on your wrist and feel guilt free about its environmental impact.

In fact such is the level of recyclability that this watch incorporates, it makes use of recycled materials that you probably weren’t even aware were even recyclable.

One example is its use of 100% recycled SuperLuminova™ on its dial and hands; obtained through a dedicated, small-scale recycling processes that reuses raw material waste.

Then there’s the 100% recycled silicon for its movement escapement but for its case, sandwich dial and bridges –

these are all composed of EcoTitanium™, a recycled titanium alloy that is a lightweight, dolphin-friendly, aerospace-grade alloy consisting of more than 80% pure recycled content.

From its Sapphire crystal to its gold hands, pretty much all of the watch’s key components contain some sort of recycled-based material.

Basic spec. includes: a 44mm, 300m water-resistant case in brushed EcoTitanium, an in-house automatic P.900e caliber with 3-days of autonomy and a textile strap with a rubber underside plus tone on tone stitching.
Thoughts? I want to do my bit as much as the next guy; so it’s pretty cool to see watches like Panerai’s new Submersible eLAB-ID hitting the shelves albeit – just the 30 of them which btw will be available next year (2022)!
I just wish that its 60’000USD price-tag could have had a similarly low impact as its manufacturing did on the planet because one thing’s for sure; someone had to pay the price for all this - lovely dolphin-hugging-tech and it’s invariably us (the punter), so for me if sustainability creates this level of unobtainability it’s a big fail.

We’ll have to keep f#cking up the planet just a bit longer at least until we can afford to save it the Panerai way –

seriously just stop buying so many watches; hmm, it might be time to consolidate and get an X-Fathoms; you know for when the ice-caps have totally melted and were’ living in Kevin Reynolds’ dystopian vision of the future.

But what do you think; this or a new car?

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