Sea Storm V2 bracelet problems


Apprentice WIS
Anyone else have problems with their bracelet pins backing out of the threads and coming apart? Mine has come off my wrist three times in as many months. After the second time, I put blue locktite on the threads. Yesterday, It came off in two different link locations after I washed my hands in the bathroom and returned to my desk job. Carlos sent me a nato strap and pins for free after I contacted him about it the first time. At this point, I cannot reccomend the steel bracelet even though the solid end links and links themselves are very nice.


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Apprentice WIS
My bracelet has been superb thus far. I planned to use Loctite, but the screws haven't budged. I will probably still use it.

Loctite 222 in the red bottle is the one you want. Apply it very sparingly with a tooth pick.