Some interesting Invicta Diver Watch Models

Borealis Watch Admin

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Invicta is a TV brand but actually has got from their very vast collection some interesting diver watch models, namely:

Invicta Pro-diver 6617 Automatic Diver Watch with Swiss Made Sellita SW200 movement

which is not bad looking though strap used is not my taste though that can be easily changed.

Invicta Reserve 1018 Diver Watch also featuring a Swiss Made Sellita SW200 movement

and the Invicta Reserve 1017 Diver Watch also powered by a Swiss Made Sellita SW200 movement

What Invicta should consider is selling those without a magnifying bubble and start using real sapphire crystal instead of flame fusion.

What are your thoughts? Do you have this or other Invicta watch models in your collection?
I have several Invictas, several of them with mods. the NH35 mechanism works very well.
The Miyotas also work well, but there are not hacking. Need to take photos and post them.