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Seriously ! I just got the new batch of the Borealis Straps. The only thing I don't like about them is that there isn't every color and size available. These straps are awesome !

As an owner of Isofrane (2), Hirsch (1) Cuda(few), Obris Morgan (3) Armida (2) and Helson (2) straps, I have to point you towards Borealis with this link:

Borealis Watch Company | Watch Straps

I also owned the first run of Borealis straps one time but those really sucked, IMO. They looked good but felt horrible, in comparison. These are not made of same material, by miles. Not one bit.

You see, these are softer and more comfy than Cuda, Helson, Armida and Obris Morgan, (I think the Helson and Armida straps may be made by Cuda right, not sure). They hug the wrist so nicely !

I currently have the above mentioned and I'm scared to say they are better than Isofrane and Hirsch right now because I love those and I haven't owned my Borealis Straps for longer than a few hours but they're absolutely at same level, to me, SO FAR. I know that's Taboo and kinda cussing here to put anything at Isofrane's level or Hirsch but wow, it's only $15 !!!

First impressions: they're worth a lot more !

They took 8 days to arrive from Portugal to California. I had to wait one extra day cus I missed the delivery. That's a bit less wait than the Obris Morgan straps. I currently have black, green and blue OM straps in my strap box and 1 orange on the way, my second orange from them. So I love the OM strap options for those of us that wish we could own one of each Isofrane but can't afford. But they are not as soft and supple as this Borealis, so far.

IMO, Obris Morgan are just slightly less nice than the Armida ones I have. I think Cuda makes a bunch of them but for some reason, the Armida feel more comfy than Helson Cuda straps. I could be wrong on who makes what. But the point is that I prefer Borealis black 22mm over any of those right now.

Can't speak for the test of time and durability but no one will ever regret getting these straps for $15 or even if they were $30 or $50 but luckily, they're only $15 !

So you by now might be able to tell u think you'll be very impressed if you buy these straps for $15. Only 22mm black available for now.

Let's get them sold out so they can start working on other colors and sizes for our community.

My wrist is around 8.25in and has 4 holes left. I don't own a Borealis yet so here it is on my SRP637.

Sorry for the quality of wrist shots but the sunlight was almost gone when I took them.

BTW you WILL NOT smell any vanilla here, at least I can't. Thought I'd mention that cus I don't care but you might.

Jump the fence ! It's cheaper than 3 coffees !