The appeal of the brand for me!


Perfect Apprentice WIS
Have been a past/and still present advocate of the brand and think they offered a unique take on the TV brand stereo type! I'm probably in the minority (as a matter of fact I'm sure I am) but I don't have an issue with (on occasion) strapping a oversized (perceived) TV/fashion brand around my wrist! Renato in their heyday offered some unique and IMHO nicely crafted variety of offerings in the affordable realm of the timepiece market. Mind you most were quartz but they (IMHO) served that niche market with a nice variety of offerings as long as you could deal with the 44-50mm L2L case size and what some might perceive as slightly(if not wholeheartedly) on the blingy side piece.(diamond encrusted this &/or that) But nothing (IMHO) to audacious/ludicrous! Bottom line for me is that I have a bunch of Renato's in the collection and they are one of the only brand in the (perceived) stable of TV/ fashion brands that I have (Invicta etc...) that I do not see being put on the "chopping block"! Have I moved away from the larger L2L case sizes and some (if not all) of the (perceived) TV brands? Yaaah kinda! Will I keep my older Renato's in the stable? Un-ashamedly YES! Does anyone else out there own and/or have a first hand take on what they've seen from Renato past or present and if so what's your take? And hopefully some pict. to offer up of what you did or still own! And yes I'll be posting some pict. of a few of my R's also!