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TIMUS Watches

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Hi guys, here's a brief introduction about us. TIMUS is a Singapore and Malaysia based company. The name comes from 'TIME + US', and the goal is straight and simple, to create a watch brand that can really fits up to the words Sustainable and Durable.

TIMUS is a brand that fully utilize the entire parts of a watch, including the watch movement. Every time we release a new design under the same series, our customers can send their watch back for restoration and design uplift. We will be providing maintenance to the movements as well to keep up the watch's quality and performance.

To have a better picture of our concept, you may visit our official website: http://timuswatches.com

The vision of TIMUS is to cultivate people to better appreciate the art and value of the entire watch, including watch movement, instead of the design itself.

We are launching our Kickstarter campaign soon.

Let us know your thoughts! As a startup we appreciate every suggestion and feedback we could get.

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/timuswatches

Thank you for reading, and please, let us know if you have any questions.


TIMUS Watches Co-Founder