Which was your first automatic watch?

Andy A

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My first was inherited from my grandfather. It was a oyster day/date and my shady mother sold it when i was around 15 years old without informing me. Needless to say im pissed to this day about it.
While nowadays they consist on 90% of my collection, my first automatic came probably 8 years ago.
The first I wore was an Omega Speedmaster Mark III when I was 17 back in 97 but it's my dad's so I don't consider it as part of my collection LOL

My truly first one was a Seiko Spork

not quite a Spork..but its baby cousin SRP025..still like the overall looks of it...

mine first was the Orient Black Mako. apsolutely loved the watch..but then the madness began:



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Mine was a Timex automatic from the 70's which was my Dads....my first purchase was an Invicta Pro Diver also, blue dial Yachtmaster homage.......still have it


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My first auto was a skeleton Armitron. I knew exactly jack squat about watches, but I knew that I liked seeing the guts of it, and I was fascinated with auto movements. Looking back, it wasn't the greatest watch but it got me hooked on the hobby. I still have it, though the original strap fell apart and I had to have the rotor serviced a couple times because it kept jamming.

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It was an Invicta 8926OB, but I sold it a while ago. If you're referring to my first mechanical watch, it was a vintage Omega DeVille that my dad gave me in my late teens, but I never really connected with it. It didn't have any sentimental value, because it wasn't a watch that my dad ever wore, rather it was something he received as partial repayment of a debt owed to him. It looked very similar to this watch.



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My first automatic was a timex T2M930.
It has a chinese mov Seagull ST25, I think...
I bought it because I liked the open heart and the power reserve on dial. I'm not sure about the open heart anymore... :LOL: But i like the watch, and I still using it.
I'm not using my PC now, so I don't have photos of it here and I'm posting a image from web.


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I still have my first automatic watch, offered by my grandparents at 12 years old (more or less), I like to wear it some times with a new rubber strap and it is still moving "automatically" :

Edma 70's.JPG
Edma, 1970's, "do not go reverse !", That's how I remember my grandfather instructions from that time (34 years ago).


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An old 1972 omega seamaster cosmic 2000 i got from my father. Precious watch. Sorry no pics.