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Which was your first automatic watch?

Andy A

Master Apprentice WIS
My first was inherited from my grandfather. It was a oyster day/date and my shady mother sold it when i was around 15 years old without informing me. Needless to say im pissed to this day about it.


Perfect Apprentice WIS
Mine was an old Seiko that I have never forgotten about. I very stupidly gave it away some years ago :(
My first automatic watch is a Seiko SKX-001 and I still have this watch in my rotation.
While nowadays they consist on 90% of my collection, my first automatic came probably 8 years ago.
The first I wore was an Omega Speedmaster Mark III when I was 17 back in 97 but it's my dad's so I don't consider it as part of my collection LOL

My truly first one was a Seiko Spork

not quite a Spork..but its baby cousin SRP025..still like the overall looks of it...

mine first was the Orient Black Mako. apsolutely loved the watch..but then the madness began:



Master Apprentice WIS
Mine was a Timex automatic from the 70's which was my Dads....my first purchase was an Invicta Pro Diver also, blue dial Yachtmaster homage.......still have it


Master Apprentice WIS
My first auto was a skeleton Armitron. I knew exactly jack squat about watches, but I knew that I liked seeing the guts of it, and I was fascinated with auto movements. Looking back, it wasn't the greatest watch but it got me hooked on the hobby. I still have it, though the original strap fell apart and I had to have the rotor serviced a couple times because it kept jamming.

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Perfect Apprentice WIS
It was an Invicta 8926OB, but I sold it a while ago. If you're referring to my first mechanical watch, it was a vintage Omega DeVille that my dad gave me in my late teens, but I never really connected with it. It didn't have any sentimental value, because it wasn't a watch that my dad ever wore, rather it was something he received as partial repayment of a debt owed to him. It looked very similar to this watch.



Master Apprentice WIS
My first automatic was a timex T2M930.
It has a chinese mov Seagull ST25, I think...
I bought it because I liked the open heart and the power reserve on dial. I'm not sure about the open heart anymore... :LOL: But i like the watch, and I still using it.
I'm not using my PC now, so I don't have photos of it here and I'm posting a image from web.


Master Apprentice WIS
My first was also an Invicta Pro Diver, but definitely not my last.


Patriarch WIS
I still have my first automatic watch, offered by my grandparents at 12 years old (more or less), I like to wear it some times with a new rubber strap and it is still moving "automatically" :

Edma 70's.JPG
Edma, 1970's, "do not go reverse !", That's how I remember my grandfather instructions from that time (34 years ago).


Master Apprentice WIS
My first auto is the borealis sea diver... It's my favorite watch in my collection now,and has me hooked on automatics.


Perfect Apprentice WIS
An old 1972 omega seamaster cosmic 2000 i got from my father. Precious watch. Sorry no pics.