Pre-Order Borealis Sea Storm V2


Apprentice WIS
Initially, it was pretty hard to choose a watch in the V2 run since all of them look fantastic. I have been watching them sell for some tine now. All of the versions are special on their own; all of them are super cool and very close in appearance to the classic watch they pay homage to. I just simply had to pull the trigger on one to avoid missing out on one this time. I got really lucky this time around since I was able to reserve one of the versions that was most appealing to me. All of them are great looking timepieces.
When will the Sea Storm Bracelets be available? I'm thinking of purchasing two Sea Storm bracelets, for my V1 Sea Storms, and would like to have you ship them along with my V2 Sea Storm, if the bracelets will be available in the same time frame as the V2 watches.