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Right just to answer my own question belatedly, I was desperate to find a President bracelet for my estoril. bought a strapcode curved endlink president bracelet. not even a remote chance of fitting. then i bought a 20mm strapcode endmill straight end link president bracelet (as someone did below). really thought this would solve my problem but unfortunately only one end fit - the other end seemed too wide for the estoril lugs.

demoralized by this point, i read a post saying that bracelets that fit the seiko skx013 might fit the estoril. by chance i had a strapcode oyster bracelet for my skx013 so i tried it on and it fit! no grinding required at all. took a while to get both the springbars to snap into place but wasnt too tricky even for an amateur like me.

so overall conclusion was that

1) still cant find a president bracelet that fits without grinding but
2) oyster bracelets for the skx013 will fit, and look good

Hi everyone my Blue Estoril arrived yesterday and I absolutely love it. However having bought a strapcode curved end president style bracelet that didn't fit, I'm noe struggling to work out the conclusions of the enormous number of posts dealing with which bracelets do actually fit out of the box. As someone who is not confident grinding bracelets to make them fit, I'd be very grateful if anyone could briefly summarise the following:

1) Has anyone found a good President style bracelet without branding, with curved ends to fit the case, that fits the Estoril reasonably well out of the box and and that does not grinding or modifying?

2) exactly same question, but for James Bond seamaster style bracelet.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who knows the answer!
I was blown away when i saw this pic. The selective patina on the dial and bezel is just amazing. Just thought i share it here.
I had hoped the next run of the Estoril can do a mix of old radium & white lume to achieve this aesthetic. ;) *fingers crossed*