Pre-Order Borealis Navale


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That's a great dial design. The green will go especially well with the bronze case, IMO.

I hope you will also make this watch in steel one day ...


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"We may do in steel depending on success of the bronze. "

I just ordered the Adraga model, but the Navale is the one I'm completely in love with. I will have to order the bronze and the steel model (if it ever comes out)


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really really amazingly beautiful watch, really looking forward to it. I saw earlier in the thread someone asked about an 'exit' date and you said late March. Not sure what was meant by that, are we looking at late March to begin pre-orders? Do you send out notifications, and is there a list to get on for that? Thanks in advance, beautiful work


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Yeah... I'm in love with the model of the first post of this topic.

@sapcmc - Is it possible, at this time, to know how many watches are going to be produced for the Bronze Navale sale?
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Fantastic looking watch... Waiting for my Adraga to arrive. Will also order this one. Any news on when to pre-order?