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Pre-Order Borealis Estoril V2 for DWFBG

One more question, Carlos ...

It appears from the renders that the DW logo is also going to be lumed ?



Apprentice WIS
One additional question, Carlos

In the 3-6-9-12 old lume dial , are the indices "3D", I mean raised with respect to the level of the dial or simply painted on the dial itself ?

Thanks in advance
Would you please supply a bracelet clasp that uses push-buttons on the sides? Friction clasps, like the one shown, tend to be thumb-nail busters!


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The watch is made according to requirements and not going to change at this stage.


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I realize it's probably late in the game with regard to your Facebook friends, but would you please consider dropping the DW logo from the dial, and replacing it with the original script "Estoril 300". IMHO, the association with the DW Facebook group and the LE status of the piece is adequately represented by the unique caseback, and the change would show more proper deference to the original classic.
Respectfully submitted,
Ed P.
DITTO. I love my first gen blue Estoril. A chance to own another with a o.e.m. bracelet would be a golden opportunity, IF that "DW" wasn't stuck on the dial. **sigh** A definite deal breaker for me.

Maybe opportunity will knock twice, if another Estoril comes out without the dial branding


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Two of the Estoril versions are now sold out.
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Pre-ordered yesterday for the black, big triangle, no-date.
I was tempted by a blue one but as much I like the color of the v1, as much for the V2, I'm worried by the pantone color!:(
Waiting for prototypes.